WuraolaAbout Soul to Soul

Soul to soul is a haven for you and I to find hope, support and succor when life throws us curved balls, and it is a place where we give hope, support and succor to other sisters when they are the ones with the curved balls coming their way.
Soul to Soul is for living, loving, learning, not taking yourself too seriously and getting on with the business of life even on the bad hair days!


My name is Wuraola. I am here to serve.

My online home is a place for us to share our stories and life’s lessons authentically.

It’s my desire for us all to come to the realization that we have a deep seated and unique ‘something (or somethings)’ that was handed to us from the world beyond to deliver here on earth.

Each of us has a mission no matter how seemly mundane or extraordinary.Your unique finger print makes your delivery of that mission in your own way through your own experiences unique to you and you alone.


Beyond this realization then is that you must have the courage to step forward and release your gift to the world.
It is in this process of releasing, of serving through our special gift that we find purpose, and in purpose we find fulfilment; And in fulfilment we come back to realize that we are special and our presence here, now is in Divine order.

Happiness can be attained quite easily and rapidly if we allow ourselves the pleasure of going within to find it and not waiting to get it from ‘without’

As a certified Neurolinguistic Language Practitioner (NLP), Certified Customer Service Professional (CCSP), a mum (of three) and convener of gender-centric NGO for over ten years, you are in very capable hands.

I am your sister on this journey.
Let’s get together and bring forth our magic!