Obviously with no telepathic powers, he asks me what the matter is. I tell him between sobs, that he cannot understand! And he can’t! Because sometimes, even I do not know what I are down in the dumps about.

I pick up the phone and call Eve or Nene, she does not need a crystal ball, she can ‘hear’ my thoughts in my voice. Even when I insist

“I don’t want to talk about it.” Or mumble-
“I don’t know why I am in such a lousy mood, and I just bite off Mr. Right’s head!”

It takes all of five minutes and my blues melt away.

My ‘sister’ knows the words to say, the jibes to take, the jokes to make to literally force the sun out from behind dark clouds.

I get off the phone with my girlfriend sometimes and the world just seems gentler, calmer, saner, nicer. My nerves are not so jittery, my colleagues are not so vexing and Mr. Right is still my very smart five-point-zero CGPA bloke after all!

Girlfriends matter so much through the journey of life. Our grandmothers, mothers, sisters, aunts, friends and even in time, our own daughters are buffers to the hard knocks of life.

Yes we will be let down sometimes, yes they can be annoying and on occasion even treacherous, but overall, I believe girlfriends still trump any feel-good-drug.

Girlfriends get you, you do not have to send a memo or book an appointment or empty your purse to get a good lift in the spirit. You can sit, be still and silent, and the connection you share will make all the difference in that moment of time.

The curve of your smile, the spring in your step and light in your eyes get a lift.

No one can be your ‘everything’ except God. When you give Mr. Right room to breathe and do what he can do best, and you treasure and nurture the love and bond from and of your girlfriends, life is tad less pent-up.

Love is a two way street though, before you complain and rundown your girlfriends, ask yourself;

”How much of a friend have I been?”

Before and after you needed,

‘Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.’

Your SoulSister,


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