Learn how to Smash Procrastination and Turn your Life around in 30 days!
-overcome anxiety, meet deadlines, stem the tide of overwhelm, self-doubt and other drama procrastinating brings with it.

The nightmare that my life was a few short years ago.

Life felt like a train wreck waiting to happen, it was nothing i’d dreamed it would be. I was constantly struggling to be and do everything to everyone, working full time, running a business, a home, pulled in different directions as daughter, sister, friend, wife and mother.

As much as i tried, i couldn’t do it all and you know the worst part? I was accused of not doing enough. Meanwhile, my own plans, my wishes and desires, i had swept under the carpet just to be able to do it all. I was so stressed out i kept falling ill, yet tests showed i was fine. I couldn’t catch my breath much less relax.

The more i tried to do, the more overwhelmed and incapable i felt. It was bad. Sometimes we carry baggage we have no business carrying, thinking it is a duty as Muslimah. Hmm. It’s as if we forget we have maximum threshold as humans. Sometimes i felt like packing my bags and disappearing for a whole year, consequences be damned!

Those were not good days.

I even detoured to the path of serious anxiety and panic attacks all because I had gotten into the habit of putting off what was most important to me. I was swamped by minutia, constantly struggling to do everything with no clear priorities. I was perpetually worried that my life was heading nowhere and i’d never get to live out what I had imagined my adult years to be. Believe me, looking at life like a prison sentence was not only demoralizing, it was paralyzing.

I kept wondering where I had gotten it wrong, after all, Allaah said we should look to ourselves when things aren’t working.

I kept asking-
“Is this it? Is this all my life will amount to?”
“Is this the adulthood of liberty and freedom, fun and good times i dreamed of?”
“Do things have to be so difficult?”

What would life be like if I could wake up without feeling pressured and frantic to get things done? Go through my day knowing I am tackling the things that are most important to me?
I meet my deadlines, I don’t feel harassed by the demands of work, my business and people. One by one I am taking care of what matters and I don’t feel guilty saying ‘NO’ to what is not as important. I keep promises I make to myself, my kids, I get to pick up my favorite hobby again and other things i enjoy doing.
I can plan long term and envision my dream life unfolding one day at a time.
Finally I have control over my life. When things get a little crazy as they sometimes will, I know exactly what to do to get myself back on track. My life is no longer a train wreck.

What would life be like?

Alhamdulillaah! I can tell you I was able to move from clueless and helpless to ticking off important tasks or at least starting them.

With Allah’s help I took life by the horns and corrected course, sometimes refusing ‘assignments’ that would send be on a downward spiral again.

And it is with great excitement I share with you my dear sisters, the cocktail of tools I used and have been using to stay on track.

It is my prayer that you too will find them most valuable and take your life to a whole new level, whether you are struggling like I was or flying high and want to do even better in sha Allaah!


Smash Procrastination and Turn your Life around in 30 days! 
how to overcome anxiety, meet deadlines, stem the tide of overwhelm, self-doubt and other drama procrastinating brings with it.

This course is a simple self-paced instruction delivered direct to your phone for 30 days to help you smash the habit of procrastination and tackle all the ‘children’ that come with it like overwhelm, missing deadlines, compromising on important ‘to dos’, feelings of self-doubt, ineptitude, instant gratification in sha Allaah. No matter how hectic your schedule, you can spare ten minutes a day to take in the instructions and do given tasks. Just ten minutes a day, that’s all.

The daily messages will steer you back on the road of keeping promises to yourself and focusing on what’s more important. It is the start of the journey to a brand new you who has a grip on her life and knows when to say “Yes” or “No” to requests.

You get to feel the lightness and joy of achieving, rebuild your confidence by checking off important tasks, rebuild important relationships and give yourself the gift of ‘spare time’ to chase your dreams.

I can promise you that these instructions will change you, IF YOU follow through and do the work needed, by Allaah’s leave.
You have come this far with all the burdens that don’t serve you, it is time to do yourself a huge favor by giving 100% and take full charge of your life.

I have walked in your shoes, I know exactly what it feels like to feel like an underachiever, and I have come full circle using these same science backed methods I am sharing with you. The process WORKS IF YOU WORK IT.


You might be wondering:
1. Can one really live a stress free life? Isn’t that wishful thinking?

Yes this earth is not Jannah, however we have to make absolute best of our time here, investing it doing the greatest good and optimsing all Allaah has blessed us with. Life isn’t meant to be miserable and constantly stressful. After all, Allaah says He wants ease for us, should we then work for, hope for or dwell in the difficulty if we can help it?
“Do you know anyone who ‘seems’ to have her life together? Who isn’t perpetually worried and stressed out and overwhelmed?”
If there’s only one human being that has achieved what you desire, then that’s proof that your desire can be achieved by you as well, if Allaah wills.

Having control over your life as far as humanly possible isn’t a ‘luxury’ reserved for a few it is a ‘necessity’ that must be demanded by all!

  1. But I work full time and have a family to look after, there just isn’t enough time to do anything else.

There can never be enough time to do everything we want to do, but there’s always enough time to do what matters the most. Time is almost always to blame when we don’t do what we need to do. We forget that all the moments we ‘steal’ to watch TV and scroll randomly through social media can be ‘stolen’ back to invest in our lives.

  1. What if I don’t get results as promised?
    That’s a possibility, ONLY if you don’t follow through by doing the daily exercises. It is also a possibility if you feel you don’t have what it takes to turn your life around using daily tips that are backed by the science of human psychology.
  2. How can I measure progress?
    Changes occur at different levels and at different rates for different people. The most important one I’d hope you’ll notice is that you question how you spend your time and the choices you make day by day. Once you are more self-aware, you should begin to make better choices that puts you in charge of your life.
  3. What if I struggle to keep up with the daily tasks?
    You will need to take it easy on yourself while also demanding of yourself the work needed to take your life to a whole new level. If you miss a day, commit to making up asap. Don’t deride yourself or be angry, but quickly block out time to catch up and keep going.

Course kickoff is August 1st, 2018 in sha Allah

Choose any of the plans you are comfortable with (N1000, N5000, N10000 or N25000) you are guaranteed value way more than the price. Pay direct to bank:

Wuraola Omotunde Young
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Fixing this one habit can change your life forever

Procrastination can ruin a life, trust me, I know.
This course helps you smash it, getting a better grip on your life from day one.
All the associated effects of procrastination like anxiety, stress, overwhelm, self doubt, missing deadlines and all, fall by the way side as you imbibe the lessons and turn it into a lifestyle.

Once you train your mind over the 30 days, it will raise an alarm anytime you’re going off course thereafter. So you have an inner guidance system to keep you on track. You should also go over the lessons again and again to further cement your learning.

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