Second work day in January ’17

How’s it coming? Any insights to making it more spectacular than 2016?

Here’s the show in words like I promised. 2 fresh episodes coming your way this weekend. Soulful. Fun. Mind shifting.

I am pretty sure that in your life’s journey you have set and achieved many goals. Sometimes just by winging it and at others by being purposeful and dedicated to it.
Goals as apparent as making it through university without an extra semester; as simple as buying yourself a coveted pair of shoes; or perhaps more intricate like landing a particular dream job, promotion or business deal.
We set and achieve goals all the time, on a day to day basis subconsciously. Getting to work on time, dropping the kids off at school, remembering to buy toothpaste on the way home from work (motivated by the desire not to ‘brush’ with salt and cotton wool three days in a row!).
Setting goals are an everyday part of life and they wouldn’t have so much mention if not for the fact that when it comes to the ‘big deals’ we can’t rely on our short term memory to help us achieve what we want, when and how we want them. It may be fine to forget to recharge your electric meter again and have to sleep without power in the company of buzzing mosquitoes but it will be near disastrous if you keep forgetting to complete, much less mail the application for your post graduate degree.
I don’t think goals are over-rated. Some people do.
Stephen Fry is reported to have said something along the line of
“Goals are rubbish. I don’t/set have goals.”
I believe goals give us something to aspire to, some achievement in the future to strive for and accomplish. By our very nature as humans beings, once we achieve one goal, we are motivated to set another, likely bigger than the former.
I suppose this is how some of my friends found themselves with doctorate degrees, from a desire to advance beyond their first degrees, they went on to specialize. On querying a couple of them, they said it wasn’t planned from their undergrad days, it was just a ‘natural’ progression from their Masters.
And so it is for the vast majority who are ‘lucky’ to tick off one goal after another, they seem to be on a ‘roll’.

They have found the magic train that takes them from one stop of success to another.
Asides winging it or achieving through dedication and will, some folks use clear cut methods to achieve their goals. The most common method by far is the SMART goal technique developed by George T. Duran in 1981.
I don’t remember when I first heard about it, but it sure made sense. And even though it’s been around for over three and a half decades, it’s still being flaunted by many experts (at least here in Nigeria) as the method of choice to achieve goals.
The SMART goals method has definitely helped people get results, and still continues to I am sure. However, there are gaps in that method that make it fall short of its goal atimes – pun intended. Lol.
……to be cont’d
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