(pronounced ‘naiki’)

You get an idea, a desire, an inspiration, a vision so clear you can almost touch it. You are ecstatic, you know this can work, it can happen. Your heart is in charge at this time and it knows all the reasons why this is a possibility. This thing can really become.

But as your programming kicks in, after you have danced the jig of anticipated success, you carry your fragile dreams in your palms and lay them at the feet of clergies, mentors, coaches, elders, bosses and sometimes friends. You are hungry for mortals like you to look into the future and tell you if your dream is viable.

To seek educated counsel from a trusted ally is good, it may help with clarity. But your folly lies in handing over your dreams, inspirations, desires and passions to others to validate. It is foolish to look unto others to tell you it is okay for you to live your life, live your dreams.

Perhaps it is cowardice that makes you seek permission, that way you can blame your inactivity on another human. You can blame it on the contradictory advice you got from the ninety-nine different people you asked.

No one can become worthy at anything except by jumping in and doing the work. Once your SOUL says ‘go!’ it is your job to take the leap.

And before you ask, failure is part of the deal. Failure exposes the holes in the wall, shows up your strengths and weaknesses. So; ‘Fail quickly fail often.’

Between coming of age; the million and one mundane things we do daily and getting old and infirm, we have pitifully little time to achieve remarkably.

So best quit living life in the shadows waiting for someone else to flick the switch for you. The touch in your hand will do.

You have an Eureka moment?

Like Nike,
Just Do IT!

Your SoulSiser

Ps- Richard Branson’s book titles may also interest you

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