It is well past 6 am, you know because the chirping of the birds’ means day broke over an hour ago when your alarm went off and you refused to get out of bed.

Your daily routine of get the kids sent off to school, checking instant messages, bathe, dress up, have a cup of coffee and dash through insane morning traffic by commute or driving to the office had not changed for years. You could go through it all half asleep.

Yet this morning, you are sluggish, you don’t look forward to your day. You did not look forward to the traffic that you claimed pumped your adrenaline.

Nor to the street hawkers you joked sold anything and everything needed to furnish a small apartment from chairs to racks, towels, stoves, lamps, collapsible mattresses, radios, books; the works. You no longer marveled at the daredevil bus conductors who hung perilously from bus doors yelling out for passengers.

Your work was going well, family was faring okay. Nothing untoward had cropped up in recent months and you were grateful for that. But there was a sickening knotty feeling at the pit of your stomach. It was like a dull ache that was at once physical and not.

You had started waking up in the middle of the night, first it was nothing, then you began to awaken, palpitating. Those nights, you seldom went back to sleep. Your chest would constrict and you would think life was being squeezed out of you. You just could not explain it.

Medical exams showed nothing. It was becoming a little frightening for you, you had to constantly kill the thoughts of a spiritual attack, “rubbish!” you thought to yourself. But you just could not explain it.

So today, you decide to skip work. Just damn the consequences and get to the bottom of the horror story your life was becoming.

As you sat in front of the T.V with your coffee cup, you mulled about what you would do with yourself today, indoors.

It took all of two hours to become restless, nothing on T.V was interesting; you flipped through one book then the other from the shelves, books you had been promising yourself you would read for years.

You checked your phone for messages and responded, checked again and found nothing to respond to. Updated your Social Media accounts, carefully avoiding any comment around being home or skipping work.

You check you phone again for messages. You were restless and you were becoming irritable.

…to be cont’d


Your Soul Sister,

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