Swirling like a dervish. Faster and faster until I’m so dizzy I crumble to the floor in a pile.

I’m dancing as fast as I can.
House work, homework, work-work, family and PTA meetings and things. 
School runs, market runs, I run to catch up on everything.
It’s daunting, doing it all and pretending not to break a sweat.

I’m dancing as fast as I can
Stretched to my limits, I work, burning both ends of the candle.
Most productive staff, Successful entrepreneur, Super mum, Caring wife, Reliable friend,
Dependable daughter, Ever available sister, aunt and niece

I’m dancing as fast as I can
Spinning, running, racing, multitasking, minimal delegating, dancing, swirling
Crumble to the floor in a heap

No one should be asked to be and do so much all at once all the time.
And no one should be judged for not doing so much all at once all the time.

No woman should be made to feel she’s not doing enough, being enough, giving enough
because she’s giving too much already.

She should be praised for what she’s doing, encouraged to get off her feet and relax sometime, and if it’s not too much to ask, give a helping hand.

Woman, dance as fast as you can but remember, you are doing enough, giving enough and being enough as you are.

And if you need to kick off your heels sometimes and enjoy a cup’a, please do.

You totally deserve it,

Your dance will continue when you are done.

Your SoulSister,
Wuraola Young

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