Of Fears.Doubts and Treacherous Comfort Zones

I went to the movies last week with my kids.

And am I glad I made the time. Asides the time ‘investment’, the movie itself was ‘clean’ and ‘profound’ by Disney standards.

Personally, I take programs targeted at kids with a pinch of salt, you just never know if there’s some subliminal message encoded somewhere. I scrutinize my kids TV contents like a hawk!

Anyway, I couldn’t help but superimpose moments in the movie with our reality.

“Sometimes, where you are is not where you belong. You belong where you believe you belong.”

Constantly your heart tells you you can do more, be more have more. In your gut you know it is possible, in your soul you know you just need to wrestle the nay-saying demons down and go for it.

But too often, at the first feel of discomfort, we retreat into what is familiar, average, unchallenging, lackluster. Our comfort zone offers a comfort that is false.

It is a bed of lush green grass promising comfort but disguising the quick sand beneath, ready to suck you into the abyss of mediocrity.

No wonder there’s a whole book called ‘An enemy called average.’

Average doesn’t fulfil. It leaves a nasty taste in the mouth that only gets stronger with age.

The demon Phiona chose to battle was her background and her tool was her intelligent mind. She learnt “never be quick to tip her king.” She had many a demon to fight, and for a girl in her early teens she put up a good fight.

What’s your comfort zone that is keeping you bound?

Where does your soul tell you you ought to be?

What demons are you fighting? You know, like Phiona’s, most of them are only in your mind.

Will you grow a spine and hold on to your king no matter what?

The sweetest stories are those that we see ourselves in be it fiction or not.

This one was a story told well, told with a heart and connecting to another.

A true life story that proves to one and all, if Phiona can, so can I.

Queen of Katwe is still in cinemas.

Your Soul Sister


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