There’s something about watching movies for me, I have to have a take-away from it.
What I saw today isn’t what I’d see ordinarily by a long shot, but my car was with the mechanic and I had to wait.
In spite of it being an action movie, at a point I felt this urge to do more with my life, you know, be a little more than ordinary. And I kind’a figure it doesn’t take that much to add the extra to ordinary.
I am certain that just half an hour of practise of SOMETHING, anything at all twice a week would have moved me from ignorant to passable skill.
Over and again we pass up opportunities to move our lives from humdrum to exciting -or at the very least interesting.
I’m so sure not up to three out of ten ladies do ANYTHING outside work, kids and homes runs.
I have a friend that cycles big time (giving me a serious complex) and another that learnt how to swim just this year.
Who or what else?
Martial arts? No
Musical instruments? No
Salsa? No
Art? No
Tennis? No
Football? Nooope!
Athletics? Nooope
Movie critique? Hmm mmh
Connoisseur of any kind? Mba
F1 buff? For where?!


Na like this we go dey dey?

We can do better na-uw!
Abi, I happen to just be surrounded by dry friends ni?
Oya,  if you do something ‘out of the ordinary’ at least once a week,
something that you have to continue practising to keep getting good at- Share!

Or break the jinx and put out what you have forever  been putting off to do for yourself with yourself by yourself.

Say it out loud. Give it life!

Who knows you may even get a sparring partner.
Me, what I want do is plenty.
 I’ll share the sane ones here.
Any other will cause tongues to wag.
Akant showt!!!
Badminton, Swimming and speaking another language at conversation level.
Your turn!
Your Soulsister