What does a 2016 Prado, Audi A6, Lexus SUV and Hyundai Tucson have in common?

Me!!!! I was chauffeur driven in the last 24 hours and; “No!” These are not Uber rides!😡 Who uses an Audi for a cab? Maybe in Qatar though…. Anyhu, back to me being the common denominator 😍

Yesterday, i got to and from my destinations in style, courtesy my ‘ride or die’ friends💞
I love cars!
Sure you can tell.
So asides saying “Thank you” to them for going out of their way with my impromptu requests-

I’m kinda gloating as
well, laugh, yes I can be vain like that!
I have amazing friends!

All hail friends who show up for one another! …whether in fancy
rides or not
I’d take the rides though 😉

Your SoulSister,


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