So I was at the mall again yesterday. Had to see the tech guy that fixed my computer.
I couldn’t believe -well I could, I was just surprised- that it was packed on a Tuesday.
Quite a number of kids, and maybe as many adults too. Some clearly from work, some looking like they had work meetups, and others dressed casual looking like holiday makers.
The hub, hum and buzz in the air was so palpable you could slice through it.
I’d never noticed before, noticed that we had a holiday spirit hereabouts. It’s really like we are taking the time to chill.
I know these people are just a tiny fraction of all of us. 95.9% are hustling and keeping the economy going.
Couldn’t help but wonder if we do make the best of these times, in the rainy-season-summer-long-holiday or other breaks or we just bury ourselves deeper into work.
Holiday time is family time, especially if you’ve got kids. You have to be purposeful and help them have great memories of these times away from the grind of school.
You deserve some down time too, a couple of hours here, a weekend there, a week escape another time.
Make the holidays count, for them and for you.
You can make it work if you really wanna.
You can.
I swear it.
Your Soulsister,

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