So how has 2016 been for you?
Checked off all your plans and goals for the year?
Did you even have plans and goals for the year?
I didn’t.
When the calendar turned from 2015 i was at sea.
But that didn’t mean i was going to remain who or where i was.

Its another calendar turn in a few days.
So i ask again, are you an improved version of your 2015 self?
Or you have just lived the last 11 months repeating your last 2, 3, 5 years?
Are you waiting till January 2017 to make ‘that move’?
What’s in January that isn’t in TODAY for you to upgrade/update your life?

I am one to talk right?
Laugh. I know.
But being at sea and finding my way to shore has benefits.
I took some hard knocks and now i know better.
Because i know better, i have done and i’m doing better.

Today is December 28th 2016
Don’t wait till next week to act on what you can today.

Every single day no matter the month or year has the same 24 hours.

Carpe Diem!

Your Soul Sister,

ps- ask google *wink*

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